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March, 2010


Sushi is my favorite food group
By Jenn Talley

I jump at any opportunity to partake in this fine Japanese artistic cuisine, so when my husband suggested Zakuro Sushi Bistro, my feet left the ground rather swiftly. Zakuro has a great modern ambiance and funky décor. Contemporary geometric tapestries line the walls, and deep red-orange columns add pops of color throughout the space. A bamboo-covered wall boasts extensive shelves lined with wine and spirits. An outdoor dining patio with red hanging lanterns rounds out the Asian-chic style.

So enamored with the décor, I took longer than expected to decide on my sushi dish. In the meantime, our server brought edamame and miso soup. The vast menu at Zakuro is full of photos and excellent descriptions that made my choice even more difficult. I decided on the Poke Maki, a tuna roll wrapped in rice, with onion and cucumber in a spicy sauce, all topped with seaweed salad. My husband chose a combination lunch box with Beef Teriyaki and Chicken Katsu.

We munched on edamame and sipped our soup, as we viewed one of the several wall-mounted flat screen TVs. Soon, our entrees arrived. Mine, a roll cut into eight pieces was perfection! The sweetness of the seaweed salad balanced the spice of the tuna. My husband’s divided tray was delivered – with each space full of a savory course and its own unique sauce. The Chicken Katsu was moist and crunchy, the Beef Teriyaki tender and flavorful, and the sweet barbecue sauce a wonderful complement. Accompanying the meat, a salad, side of Jasmine rice and sampling of desserts fulfilled his appetite.

Zakuro has an abundance of menu items, not limited to sushi. Their menu features all things Tempura, Udon (noodles), salads, and an assortment of seafood appetizers and entrees. A return trip is on order. I’m sure we’ll be hopping in soon!